Fred Mulhearn, Louisiana's Own Cartoonist
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Looziana Political Cartoons: The Best of Fred Mulhearn is available
at Louisiana bookstores,
from Amazon,
or by calling (225) 664-2255.
The Best of Fred Mulhearn

Here's what former governors had to say about Looziana Political Cartoons (from back cover of the book):

"Fred has covered Louisiana politics with wit and insight for many years.   It was my privilege to help provide him with so much good material with which to work." -- Bobby Jindal, Governor 2008-2015

"Fred Mulhearn's cartoons are often provocative, upsetting, annoying, amusing, insightful, uplifting, and funny -- sometimes all in the same cartoon!   I have often laughed at his humor, especially when I wasn't the subject of his joke."
-- Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, Governor 2004-2008

"Having been the subject of Fred's cartoons as governor of Louisiana, I always enjoyed the humor and collected many of them in a scrapbook." -- M.J. Foster Jr., Governor 1996-2004

"Fred could find the humor in everyday life.   I laughed in spite of myself." -- Buddy Roemer, Governor 1988-1992

"Now that I'm ninety years old and have served this state for over fifty years, you'd think people would be tired of reading about me -- but that's not the case.
This book contains cartoons you'll enjoy about my sixteen years as governor (and about some other politicians as well). Seriously, it is a treasure of cartoons and will make a great addition to your library -- buy it."
-- Edwin W. Edwards, Governor 1972-1980, 1984-1988, 1992-1996

Life in Looziana has become a Louisiana favorite.   It doesn't focus on politics.   Instead, it is a collection of Fred's cartoons about what makes Louisiana different, unique, and sometimes just plain weird.
It's available
at Louisiana bookstores,
from Amazon,
or by calling (225) 664-2255.

LIFE IN LOOZIANA Cartoons and Commentary by Fred Mulhearn

Here's what they've said about Life in Looziana:

"a very funny book" -- Smiley Anders, The Advocate

"The book is fall down and laugh funny -- if you're from Louisiana." -- Carol Stuart, Livingston Parish News

"If you're not from Louisiana, you can't possibly understand its contents or its concept. But get it anyway. It's sure to be a classic." -- Tom Aswell, Louisiana Voice

It's about "football, festivals, nutria, mosquitoes, love bugs, and anything Louisiana." -- Josephine Templeton, Town Favorites

"Fred Mulhearn might be working with the perfect medium to depict his home." -- Tom Bonnette, The Franklin Sun

"It's all in good fun, and Mulhearn's traditional drawing style creates the perfect medium for his message." -- Greg Langley, The Advocate

"This humor, at once biting and gentle, is signature Mulhearn." -- Michael DeVault, The Ouachita Citizen

Fred's books are distributed to retailers and libraries by Looziana Book Company, 102 North Range Ave., Denham Springs, LA 70726, phone (225) 937-4239.