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Fred Mulhearn is a freelance editorial cartoonist who focuses on Louisiana politics (and there's never a lack of material).
Let your local paper know if you'd like it to be running Fred's stuff.
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Looziana Poltical Cartoons: The Best of Fred Mulhearn contains over 300 editorial cartoons from 1980 to present.
They're available in Louisiana bookstores. You can order by clicking here, or by calling 225-664-2255.

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Life in Looziana is a whole book of Fred's cartoons about what makes Louisiana different, unique, and sometimes just plain weird.
They're available in Louisiana bookstores. You can order by clicking here, or by calling 225-664-2255, or go to Amazon.

LIFE IN LOOZIANA Cartoons and Commentary by Fred Mulhearn

Look what they're saying about Life in Looziana:

"a very funny book" -- Smiley Anders, The Advocate

"The book is fall down and laugh funny -- if you're from Louisiana." -- Carol Stuart, Livingston Parish News

"If you're not from Louisiana, you can't possibly understand its contents or its concept. But get it anyway. It's sure to be a classic." -- Tom Aswell, Louisiana Voice

It's about "football, festivals, nutria, mosquitoes, love bugs, and anything Louisiana." -- Josephine Templeton, Town Favorites

"Fred Mulhearn might be working with the perfect medium to depict his home." -- Tom Bonnette, The Franklin Sun

"It's all in good fun, and Mulhearn's traditional drawing style creates the perfect medium for his message." -- Greg Langley, The Advocate

"This humor, at once biting and gentle, is signature Mulhearn." -- Michael DeVault, The Ouachita Citizen

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