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Fred Mulhearn is a freelance editorial cartoonist who focuses on Louisiana politics (and there's never a lack of material).
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Looziana Poltical Cartoons: The Best of Fred Mulhearn contains over 300 editorial cartoons from 1980 to present.
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Life in Looziana is a whole book of Fred's cartoons about what makes Louisiana different, unique, and sometimes just plain weird.
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LIFE IN LOOZIANA Cartoons and Commentary by Fred Mulhearn

Look what they're saying about Life in Looziana:

"a very funny book" -- Smiley Anders, The Advocate

"The book is fall down and laugh funny -- if you're from Louisiana." -- Carol Stuart, Livingston Parish News

"If you're not from Louisiana, you can't possibly understand its contents or its concept. But get it anyway. It's sure to be a classic." -- Tom Aswell, Louisiana Voice

It's about "football, festivals, nutria, mosquitoes, love bugs, and anything Louisiana." -- Josephine Templeton, Town Favorites

"Fred Mulhearn might be working with the perfect medium to depict his home." -- Tom Bonnette, The Franklin Sun

"It's all in good fun, and Mulhearn's traditional drawing style creates the perfect medium for his message." -- Greg Langley, The Advocate

"This humor, at once biting and gentle, is signature Mulhearn." -- Michael DeVault, The Ouachita Citizen

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